go2it.org is a new site set up by DJHankypark from www.newusb.co.ukMe  Used to shortened links for Artist's profile, video and other pages on the Newusb site. The system is being created for general use, more information will be made available when the time is right. In the meantime why not visit and a listen to some of the artists on Newusb

Newusb uses go2it.org extensively along with other sites that I have created to support the different areas contained within the Newusb website, mostly tracker but also a venue site, gigs site and special counter site for keeping track of artists brithdays.

Promotion, Promotion

As with any site on the Internet it's all about promotion, I do not believe however in allowing commercial advertising on any of my sites. The idea with this site and it's service is that it does not need to advertise; everytime a short URL is created and put on a page it is promotion in itself.


New Stats Added 12/01/14

Today I reduced the amount of Short URL links in the database. This means the artists now have only the Short URLs for their profile page on NewUSB Radio and a Short URL to their web site. This change has been nessesary to cut down the amount of work taken on by the team, and to eliviate the confussion of having so many for you to remember.

QR Code Heaven 11/03/12

Newusb is embarking on a major project to get every artist their QR Code for each of the pages on their profile at Newusb, obviously with over 700 hundred artists and having at least 4 pages per artist this is quite a task to undertake so might take us a few days lol.

All of the short URLs will be used to create the new QR Codes for the artist which means they will be tracked by this site, so stats will be available for artists to see on a daily basis how many hits their codes or QRs have had.

Check Your Stats

You can check your current stats using the "Get My Stats" option from the menu above. From there type in your Short URL Code and it will display all your stats.

Get Your Own

As of 1st January 2014 we will open to the public and GO2IT will offer any one the option to create their very own Short URL.

Follow this link and you can enter your full web address and generate your own Short URL and get stats on how many times your code is clicked.

Other Stuff

This site is 1 of many sites which I have set up as a free resource including the Newusb website, and all home grown.

Running free service web sites does not mean it does not cost us anything to run them so we have set up on NewUSB Radio a section were you can make donations to help us continue in our efforts to ofeer free services to artists and the public. Please consider making a donation, this will help us to keep everything FREE!! for artists around the world